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I have been invited to play as well as speak in a variety of settings including:

Music Festivals
Pow Wows
Art Shows and Fairs
Private Gatherings


As a flute player I am also invited to share music during some of the milestones and transitions experienced in Life.

In all of these settings the music that I play is an expression of the ideas and emotions that arise from perceptions and relationship to our world. Often I preface the song with an explanation of its origin and meaning. These stories that I share about the songs arise from personal experience and observation–they are anecdotal in nature but are integral parts of the song. They help to offer a whole image of the song. I also explain cultural contexts and uses for the other instruments I may have with me such as Yidaki (didgeridoo), Kora, Mbira and flutes from various places in the world.

Whenever it’s practically feasible and appropriate to the setting, I like to invite the listeners to share their thoughts and ask questions. This engages them in such a way that it makes out time together more intimate and personal, through sharing and active interaction.

It’s important to point out that, though this all sounds very serious, it would not surprise anyone who has been at my presentation to hear the silly side of me! Sharing humor through personal story or joking with the audience is most always a part of what I do. ~ Hawk

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