Hawk Henries is a member of the Chaubunagungamaug band of Nipmuck, a people indigenous to what is now southern New England. He has been composing original flute music and making flutes using only hand tools and fire for over 30 years.

Hawk is committed to music as a traditional art form and as a vehicle for building bridges of communication and mutual respect. He teaches and performs in a wide variety of settings: indigenous and international art festivals, museums, concert venues, powwows, educational settings from kindergarten through university level, flute making workshops and private family gatherings

His rich and varied experience allows him to adapt his performance to match the needs of the venue and the audience. Though he presents to audiences of all sizes, he especially enjoys small groups where he can engage people on a more personal level.

As a flute maker his focus is to remain historically consistent, in terms of relationship to, and the process of, building a flute. Hawk’s attention to detail, both in tuning and aesthetics is evident. Working with hand tools allows him to intentionally accentuate the natural beauty of the wood grain, with each part of the flute being beautifully hand carved and meticulously sanded. Only a gentle breath is necessary to create a full, rich sound which can easily transition to the upper octave. Custom orders are welcomed!

“I offer my Gratitude for All who have created the foundation for the flute makers and players of today.” ~ Hawk

To contact Hawk ~ hawkhenries@hotmail.com~ (207) 460-2203
 or visit Hawk on Facebook