Public Work

Music has been used throughout the ages for many purposes: ceremony, entertainment, sharing of knowledge and information…my relationship with music falls within these contexts. I use music as well as the instruments themselves, in a metaphorical sense, to engage the listener in a discussion of how to bring more health to our self, our community and our world. Peace.

Along with my flutes, I use didgeridoo, mbira and kora, as well as flutes from various places in the world. Examining the instruments and the peoples where they originate (or are used today) provides us the opportunity to learn about our global neighbors. With knowledge, we can lessen fears and increase the ways in which we honor and respect ourselves and each other. Peace.

These perspectives shape my approach to all performances, workshops, classes, and other settings where I work. I also seek out ways to engage each person, group or audience in ways most appropriate to their needs (age, focus, goals, particular setting, and so on) and the activities planned for that event. I love having the opportunity to encourage others to play the flutes, whether they see themselves as a “musician” or not, and to play music with other people, too. Most especially, I enjoy the opportunity to talk with people from all walks of life, sharing stories and laughter and points of view.

My fees vary depending on practical concerns (such as the length of time of my involvement and how far I have to travel), the purpose and intended audience of the event, and the kind of funding available. In other words, I prefer to maintain some flexibility in terms of my fees. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs or how you envision ways that I might participate at your particular event.