Music has the potential of making a bridge across the divides of humanity that are often labeled culture, religion, ideology…

I have been invited to be a participant in various religious activities over the years, including conferences organized by particular churches or interfaith groups, ceremonies and spiritual gatherings, and as a speaker in a wide variety of churches. The role of music in creating an open and safe space is perhaps more important here than in many other settings. At times, there is an immediate natural consonance with others from different faiths. At others times, there is a greater challenge, such as those occasions when people have conflicting experiences or points of view. It is this very challenge, however, that makes interfaith work a powerful source of deep inspiration and transformation. This work is of utmost importance to me, and I hope to do much more work in this arena in the future. I believe that it is vital for people from different faiths and belief systems to directly engage with each other, in hopes of increasing mutual understanding and respect for our differences while exploring our human commonalities, and developing common goals for the future.

How can we share our strengths in order to empower a future where we can live together in a more healthful and respectful way? ~ Hawk

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