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  1. Daniel Dropkin

    Hello Hawk Henries,
    One of the flutes I have that you made, the large bore birch flute, is in need of some repair. It is a wonderful flute and fortunately the damage has not affected the sound or playability. I’m thinking that with some guidance from you I might be able to deal with it. Would it be possible to get some feedback?

    Recently I began listening to the recording of John Ranier Jr. again. He’s such a wonderful master of Native Flute playing. I remember you saying that you couldn’t find his songs on the Eastern Woodland Flute although you had all the melodies in your head so I never really tried. Of course that was some time ago and likely by now you’ve made some progress. At any rate, I started trying myself and have been able to find some ( Taos Round dance 1 and 2 as well as Northern Palins and I’m pretty sure I can get the Crow song) using the flutes we play so now I’m encouraged. I’m thinking most if not all can be found on our instruments. Of course, John knew those songs intimately and they were in his soul. They are part of his culture and l doubt that I will ever be able to play them with his conviction, but I’m pleased with what is opening up for me. They are such strong beautiful melodies. As we’ve discussed in the past, it is the the songs that have meaning and value to me and I’m not so fond with what I describe as noodling on the flutes. I’ve always been impressed with your creativity and ability to come up with your very special melodies that relate so beautifully with your ideas, insights and philosophy of life. And the craftsmanship and integrity of your flute making.as well as the path you have chosen and live.
    I’ve also follow your daughter’s work with the bark and find them remarkably expressive.


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