Hawk is a member of a northeastern Algonquin tribe called Nipmuc, a People indigenous to what is now southern New England.

In his travels within and beyond the United States, he especially enjoys engaging people who come to hear him play and speak. Music, stories and humor create a space where people from diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds can enjoy each others company and engage in meaningful dialogue. Flutes are an important vehicle for this sharing. Hawk’s goal is to acknowledge and honor the sacredness in each person and all cultures–remembering the Gifts that Life has to offer.

Hawk enjoys sharing his music, flutes, flute making skills in a wide variety of settings. He appears at powwows, indigenous and international art fairs and celebrations, private gatherings, public and private schools, universities and museums as well as performance venues of various size.

Hawk has been a flute maker for more than 20 years with his focus being to remain historically consistent, in terms of relationship and process. His flutes are made using hand tools and fire with materials gathered in the forest.

The Flute and the skills to make them are a Gift both to the makers as well as the players.

I offer my Gratitude for All who have created the foundation for the flute makers of today.